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Assembly lines

This type of product is characterized by a high level of flexibility. Equipment (manual desks, semiautomatic machinery) that compose it, can be independent of each other. Adding to change or add new equipments, makes VS Engineering assembly line a versatile solution.

When the product to assemble changes in time, the line will be able to follows these changes, always staying functional and actual.

Turntable automations

VS Engineering turntable automations, thanks to their high technological level, are able to perform endless types of material processing, including: assembly, total and / or partial control, hydraulic and pneumatic pressing, screwing, welding, testing, etc.

Traceability systems

90% of our automations include a traceability system as it ensures the storage of all data related to the birth of a single product.

This allows monitoring the entire life-cycle of a product as well as a “perfect” analysis of any process connected to it. VS Engineering provides custom designed and tailored software with remote management and high standard security protocol.

Assembly and test stations, Laboratory test desk

The experience in the various sectors, including the main ones: automotive, precision mechanics, heating and photovoltaics, allows us to design and build customized systems (test probes, statistics, life tests, fatigue tests, etc.)

Reliability is an indisputable witness of the automations signed by VS Engineering.