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Since over 30 years we are not only special machinery manufactures but, in many ways, partner of our customers.


This means that we are able to develop and realize automation projects to improve, speed up, to increase reliability, to control, to calibrate, to test and track any type of product in any environment.

Since over 30 years we dedicate ourselves to the world of automation and we are considered by our customers like partners that can develop and improve not only their products but the processes of the manufacturing and assembling too.

Last but not least, we have established very important partnerships with the most known instrument and component producers of the world. For this reason we have a great experience when use every type of device in VS Engineering machines.

This leads us to have great knowhow in the use of all types of devices in our projects.

VS Engineering works in many industry fields, from precision mechanics to the production of consumer items, from components for gas injection system to common part for automotive, from gold products to electrical and electromechanical components, and much more.


Vicenza, the "heart" of industrial productivity


VS Engineering’s offices and production plant are located in Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza- Italy).

The company has several internal departments each one with a specific aim. A technical/engineering department which design and develop the automations, a software division that deals with the development of operating software as well as software dedicated to tracking and store data, a division for electric/electronic wiring of the automations and assembly dedicated PCs, a large workshop with machine tools for the production of structural components and mechanical installation of the plants and a division which provide assistance and maintenance of machines at customer sites.

Thanks to the coverage of the development and realization process we ensure the confidentiality of each individual project, which is critical because of the high degree of technological innovation of every product processed.